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Standard C510 mods to open up the TX.

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The photo below shows the configuration of the radio to allow wideband TX

After the modification, the coverage of the Standard C510 will vary from one radio to another slightly. But as a general guide line, please see below the coverage of my radio after the mod.

Display Reads                            RX in lock                       TX in lock

100 to 200MHz                                        100 to 192MHz                        110 to 170MHz

300 to 400MHz                                        335 to 400MHz                        N/A

400 to 520MHz                                        400 to 491MHz                        400 to 468MHz

700 to 1000MHz (with gaps)                    700 to 823MHz                        N/A

                                                                850 to 868MHz                        N/A

                                                                896 to 959MHz                        N/A