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The resistors above are as follows:

Two 2.2k    (Two point Two K)

One 27k    (Twenty Seven K)

The Transistor is a BC557 or equivalent


Programming the radio.

You need quite a slow PC and running MSDOS. In the past I used an old 286 and it worked fine. However you may have problems with the fast Pentium's etc.....

Also make sure you have ANSI.SYS loaded before you run the program (see below), otherwise all you will see on the display is load of garbage like this image below.

To get the software to display correctly.....

If your MSDOS is installed in C:\DOS

Then edit your config.sys file to include a new line like this:

device = c:\dos\ansi.sys

Then re-boot your PC and run the McMico software. The menu options should now display correctly.