Programming Interface


Echolink & EQSO

RF Link Modifications.

Here I will try to explain how I interfaced my PRM80 with my PC for use on Echolink and EQSO.  Once you have re-programmed your PRM80 to the amateur band, double check all is working as expected before opening the radio and modifying for connection to your PC.

If your radio is a standard PRM8010 with no 15way "D" connector installed on the rear heatsink then follow these instructions below.

To open the radio.

  1. Pull off the volume control knob buy gently pulling the knob towards you.

  2. Once the volume control knob is removed, you will find a nut that retains the volume control that also needs to be removed.  Use a small thin pair of long nose pliers to remove the nut and washer.

  3. With the MIC disconnected you will see a small screw just under the MIC socket.  This needs to be removed before the front of radio can be removed.

  4. TAKE CARE........Gently pull the front panel off  taking care not to damage the delicate ribbon  cable that connects the main body of the radio to the front panel.

  5. Once the front panel is just clear of the volume control shaft, look behind the front panel and you will see the orange ribbon cable.  Gently slide the ribbon cable connector on the front panel to release the cable..

  6. Once the ribbon cable has been removed from the front panel. slide the outer cover of the radio's main body from the chassis.

Now the radio is open.


To be continued....When I get time !!!!