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(UHF 16 Channel FM Transceiver)

 Programming Information

  1. Remove black plastic sticker from the rear panel of the radio at the top to expose a row of four gold coloured contacts
  2. Locate the third one from the left-hand side
  3. Using a small piece of wire short out the inner connection to the outer connection.
  4. With the connections shorted and the radio turned off press and hold the lamp button (the lower most button located on the left hand side of the radio looking from the front view) and turn on the radio.
  5. The display will show the receive frequency of channel 1useing the dial knob (located at the top of the radio on the right hand side looking from the front view) rotate this to give the required frequency.
  6. If you require fast tuning press and hold the function button (located on the left hand side looking from the front of the radio) whilst rotating the dial knob.
  7. As you press the PTT button (located on the left hand side of the radio the largest button located in the centre of the three buttons) the radio will then display the RX CTCSS tone frequency, to select the required tone rotate the dial knob.
  8. Next press the PTT switch and the radio will display the TX frequency tune as previously explained as you did for tuning the RX frequency.
  9. Press the PTT switch again and it will display the TX CTCSS tone, set up as you did for the RX CTCSS and then press the PTT switch, do this for, as many channels are required.
  10. To skip programming channels press the PTT switch 4 times to go to the next channel.
  11. Repeat this until you see on the display a message, which reads “END”, now turn off the radio.
  12. Turn the radio on again and your radio is now programmed.


Depending on the original frequencies programmed into the radio you may need to adjust the VCO, good luck